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Hosting a party at home? Order some goodies from us to be collected at the cafe

Let Us Cater For You


Our Oozy Chocolate Cake - R420 (15cm) | R550 (20cm) 
Our Famous Carrot Cake - R420 (15cm) / R550 (20cm) 
Heavenly Red Velvet Cake - R420 (15cm) | R550 (20cm)
Rainbow Velvet Cake - R480 (15cm) R600 (20cm)
Vanilla Bean Cake - R400 (15cm) R480 (20cm)
Hummingbird Cake - R480 (15cm) | R520 (20cm) 
Lemon + Poppy Seed Cake - R420 (15cm) | R550 (20cm) 
Orange + White Choc Cake - R420 (15cm) | R550 (20cm) 
Courgette + Pistachio Cake - R480 (15cm) | R520 (20cm)

The Best Cheesecake Ever - R620 (28cm)
Best Cheesecake Ever With Toppings - R680 (28cm)
Oreo, Coffee, Choc & Peanut Butter Cheesecake - R680 (28cm)
This Can't Be Vegan Choc Cake - R360 (15cm) R500 (20cm)

+ R65 for special icing / toppings / flowers
+ R180 for fondant topping

Novelty Cakes
Pick your flavour & send us a reference pic and we'll 
quote you on bringing your dream cake to life!


Tartlets (Slice/ 30cm)

Lemon Meringue tart - R55 / R 300

Custard base fruit tart - R 55 /R 300

Chocolate ganache tart - R60 /R 310

Cheesecake Tart - R 60 / R 310


Pavlova with berries & cream

20cm - R 180

30cm - R 300



Mini - R12

Reg- R25

Lrg- R35

Sweet Muffins - R35

Cakes pops @ R10 a cake pop

Puff Pastry

Pan au Chocolate - 38

Croissants - R 30

Doughnuts (filled choice optional @ R10 additional )

Medium - R 15

Large - R 20

Fillings & flavours


White chocolate cheesecake filling

Chantilly cream filling

Berry Jam filling

Chocolate ganache filling

Whole Pavlova with berries & cream - R180 (20cm)

Mini chocolate croissants platter - R165 (For 10)

Brownie Platter - R140 (for 10)

Scones platter  - R135 (for 10)

Mini Doughnuts - R130 (for 10)

(filling choice per. @ R5 additional)

Lemon Meringue tart - R195 (for 10)
Custard base fruit mini tartlet - R195 (for 10) 
Chocolate ganache tart / Cheesecake mini tartlet - R 200 (for 10)

Peppermint Crisp Tart
Malva Pudding


Whole Quiches (Delicious freshly baked quiche, choose between our meat or veg option)

(30cm) - R170

13cm - R 50

8cm - R 23


Savoury Muffins - R150 (for 10)

Mini Filled Croissants - R150 (for 10)

Breakfast Wraps - R175 ( For 10)

Mini Cream Cheese & Salmon Bagel - R 190 (for 10)

Scones with Cheese & Butter - R 180 (for 10)

Avo & Tomato Brushetta - R 180 (for 10)

Bacon & Cheese Puff Twist - R170 (for 10)

Pesto & Cheese Puff Twist - R165 (for 10)

Ready Made Meals

Beef Lasange
Beef Ragu 
Lamb and potato casserole
Creamy Oxtail pasta
Ricotta, spinach and mushroom gnocchi

Beef Stew
Roast beef

Lamb stew
Lamb shank
Lamb ribs

Butter chicken curry
Spatchcock roast
The backyard style sticky wings 

Vegetarian &/ Vegan:
Smokey Aubergine casserole 
Thai curry stew
Mushroom Ragu
Asian style Tofu


Charred Broccoli stems on Labneh

Backyard siracha slaw

Smashed parmesan potatoes

Extra-ordinary Roast medley

Roasted carrots with goats cheese and hazelnut crumble

Mash and gravy

Looking for something specific?

Email us at 

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