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Welcome to
The Backyard Cafe

The home of The Backyard Cafe has belonged to the Hardings for over thirty-five years. Nick Harding started the furniture store next door, Restorabilia, in 1985 and a few years later bought this property for his family home.  

He and his wife, Marcelle, brought up their four children in this house for 15 years and, when they moved, held onto the property to turn into a second showroom, which they cheekily called "The Opposition".


In 2012 Nick and Marcelle's second daughter, Nikki, together with her close friend Ash, decided to open The Backyard Cafe. Although neither came from culinary backgrounds, they were fuelled by a passion for wholesome food, quality coffee and creating a beautiful, peaceful oasis.

They opened their doors on Valentine's Day of that year.


The magical green fingers of Gift, who lives on the property, works in the workshop and tends to the garden, helped them to bring their vision to life.  He can be seen tottering through the garden path or tending to the veggie garden on most days, often closely pursued by his sons, Precious and Gracious.  Gift's wife, Christine, has been working for the cafe since the very beginning and has been a rock in our team throughout our journey..


We sadly lost one of our most precious gems on Christmas Eve of 2016 - our Chef and dear friend, Carrie. Her passion for the cafe, her gentle ways and her delicious carrot cake will live on in our kitchen forever.


Everyone who has joined us since the beginning has been within one degree of separation from another member on the team and we are so lucky to have had so many friends and family involved along the way.  We were blessed with the addition of a cafe Kitty, when Chimichurri chose our lavender bush as the perfect place for her expected litter. Her daughter, Chipotle, now struts around the cafe as if it was her stage. As cute as she is, she can be a bit of a mischievous teenager, so we welcome you to help us parent her when she steps out of line!


Today, the dream of The Backyard Cafe remains the same, but with the fresh ideas and inspiration

Together, they put their hearts into creating wholesome dishes and baked goods, made from the very best seasonal, local and ethically sourced ingredients. We are passionate about our space and love it most when it’s filled with friends and family who have come together to spend quality time with one another in our little garden oasis.

We hope that you enjoy your visit!

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