Our team puts their hearts into creating wholesome dishes and baked goods, made from seasonal, local and ethically sourced ingredients. We are passionate about our space and love it most when it's filled with friends and family who have come together to spend time with each other in our little garden oasis. 



We host a number of birthdays, kitchen teas and baby showers at the cafe and do enjoy the festivities of planning your special event!


Hosting a party at home? Order some Delicious homemade goodies from us to be collected at the cafe.

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4 Sol Cohen Road, Heathfield, Cape Town

backyard.cafe.ct@gmail.com |  Tel. 021 713 1220

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Opening Hours

Mondays : Closed

Tuesday - Thursday : 9 am -5 pm 

Friday - Sunday : 9 am - 4 pm

Public Holidays : 9 am - 4 pm